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How Should I Save To Buy A House?

"If I'm planning to buy a house in the near future which mode of investment should I keep my money in?"

I’m glad you asked your question because I know a lot of people wonder the same thing.  Regardless of how much you are looking to put as a down payment, you want this money to be safe.  I know that this is usually a large amount of money, and it is difficult putting it in a bank account that is earning very little interest these days.  It is tempting to invest this money in order to have it work for you.  However, safety is most important right now given your short time frame.  Keeping this money in a bank or credit union account with FDIC or CUNA insurance is definitely preferred.  You won’t earn much for having your money here, but you can be assured your money will be there when you need it to close on your house.  Good luck on your house hunting!